How to Draw Reiki Symbols

Reiki is a traditional form of healing, with its roots in Japan – but which has spread and found widespread appeal in many other parts of the world in the 80 or so years of its existence. It is a non invasive healing system, which focuses mainly on rebalancing the energy of the body, on the understanding that it is such energy falling out of balance which causes various illnesses, or ‘injuries’ as they are known in Reiki parlance. The rebalancing is achieved through attunement, that is, the re-synchronization of the body’s natural energy to be way it is meant to be in balance. And while the practitioner’s hands are the primary equipment used in Reiki healing, the healing strength and distance can be enhanced through Reiki symbols.

The question of how to draw Reiki symbols is itself answered in the second degree of training, whose aim to enhance the potential practitioner’s healing powers. kk-leap Of course, the symbols used in Reiki training are in public domain (and there are websites that illustrate them), beating the notion that Reiki symbols may be secret symbols. Yet the fact that virtually anyone can draw the Reiki symbols does not obviate the need for the relevant training courses, as the drawing of the symbols has to be used alongside the relevant attunements if the symbols are to be effective in strengthening the healing properties of Reiki, while also making ‘remote healing’ that is, healing at distance, possible.

Among the symbols used in Reiki healing is the primary Reiki symbol, the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and the Sei He Ki Symbol. Others are the fire Serpent and the Reiki balance as well as the Raku symbol, each with its own way of drawing and application in Reiki healing. The primary Reiki symbol, for instance, is the symbol of Universal life energy and actually consists of two symbols joined to get, namely the Rei Symbol (symbolizing universality) and the Ki Symbol (symbolizing vital life energy) so that the combination of the Rei and Ki symbols results in the compound Reiki symbol.

It worth noting that some of these Reiki symbols are used solely in the Reiki training process, to confirm the conferment of the various attunements. A good example of this is the Raku symbol, which symbolizes the conferment of the third degree of Reiki training, making the person onto the symbol is draw a Reiki Master. Of course, there are some Reiki practitioners who hold the view that the Raku symbol can also be used in some healing processes – and their views are held as valid in various forums.

The fire serpent symbol is one of the most universally used Reiki symbols. This is used as a prelude to the attunement process, and it is this symbol which opens up the client’s chakras to begin the energy attunement process, which underlies all Reiki healing. And as many people seeking Reiki therapy are primarily facing mental and emotional problems, albeit often in subtle unobservable ways, the Sei He Ki symbol which is used in the clearance of such mental and emotional problem is another commonly drawn and used Reiki symbol in the Reiki healing practice.


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