Don’t Shorten Your Career by Using Bad Hair Shears

If you hands easily get tired or cutting hair is a little bit tougher than normal, it may be time to do some maintenance on your hair shears. As a professional, using the proper equipment as well as maintaining it is crucial to a long and lucrative career. Don’t risk an early, unplanned retirement by developing carpal tunnel syndrome or experiencing excessive cuts. Follow these few points for proper care of your hair shears:

Test the tension of your hair shears to be certain that is not too loose or too tight. If your tension is too tight, it will cause the blades to grind together causing nicks to the blades. Over time these nicks will damage the blades and affect your ability to cut hair easily. When the tension is too loose then you will notice that the hair will bend between the blades rather than experience a nice, clean cut.

Sharpen your hair shears regularly. Usually they will need to be sharpened after every 1000 haircuts; however, you may have to do it more often depending on the type of hair that you normally cut. For example, if you often cut wet, coarse or dirty hair, the frequency that you need to sharpen the blades may increase. When you use dull hair shears you force your hands to do more work which can cause hand fatigue.

Oil and replace worn parts of your hair shears as needed. Be sure to invest in the proper type of oil with a needle tip so that the oil can be precisely placed where needed. Once oiled, allow the hair shears to air dry completely before you replace them in your case or holder. If you experience worn or missing parts get them fixed right away to avoid finger cuts and sore hands.

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