The Top Films of All Time

My father was a film critic, and as a child I was able to watch an incredible amount of movies with him. His love for film and since become my love for film, and I spend a lot of time watching, analysing and discussing films with my friends.

I’ve decided to break down my personal top seven favourite films of all time. These are listed firstly on their entertainment value, as well as any emotional effects they have had on me in time that has followed since first watching. I put a lot of weight into the ‘timelessness’ of films, so that is part of the criteria used.

(1) The Shawshank Redemption
Steven King’s novel adapted to film by Frank Darabont is a heart warming story of hope, friendship over any and all adversities. It is an amazing story with a simple message, but it will stay with you for a long time afterwards; very highly recommended.

(2) The Godfather
Francis Ford Coppola’s direction of Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather,” is the granddaddy of all mafia films. With an amazing performance by Marlon Brandon as Don Corleone, the head of a major mafia organisation, The Godfather is a story of people and crime, and the effects that they have on one another.

(3) Goodfellas
Martin Scorsese is a director that needs no introduction, and his 1990 film, “Goodfellas,” is a timeless story of growing up in an Italian crime syndicate within America. With all star performances by all involved, this is a tragedy of the effects that money, power and drugs can have on tainting the American Dream.

(4) Psycho
Alfred Hitchcock is the king of thriller and suspense, and his “Psycho” is a perfect example of that. Quoted as being one of the scariest, most disturbing films for its time, Psycho is a chilling film that will stay with you for a long time afterwards… the shower scene is one not easily forgotten!

(5) Pulp Fiction
As the cult director of the 90’s, Quienten Tarantino is most known for “Pulp Fiction,” a backwards tale of crime, sex, drugs and discourse between some of Los Angeles most disreputable characters. This film is a symphony of comedy, gore, film noir and redemption, and should not be missed!

(6) Cidade de Deus (City of God)
They only decidedly foreign film in my list, City of God is a tragic tale of growing up in drug riddled Rio de Janeiro, and trying to become something other than a violent, cocaine pushing hustler. This is not a for the faint hearted, but is one of the most gripping and riveting films I have ever come across.

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