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My name is Carol Haldane, also known as Dannie’s Mum. Dannie and I have been through many experiences which I’m sure these books will disclose. Dannie is now 17 and doing very well in her 6th form, she has achieved so much over the past 17 years and I am so proud of her, some of it hasn’t been easy which I’m sure Dannie will agree but we persevered and we are now in a position to help others in the same situation.

While Dannie was growing up, haldanes I found it very difficult to find any examples of exactly how Asperger’s Syndrome would affect Dannie on a daily basis, there are many websites and books which will give you the ins and outs of all the medical jargon you can handle, but no actual examples.

I found myself on many occasions asking myself over and over, “Yes I understand that the children take people literally, but exactly how do they do this.” I unfortunately found no answers, thus Dannie’s Dilemmas was born, giving examples galore of how Asperger’s affects Dannie in everyday situations, how I myself dealt with these actions.

Dannie and I put our brains together and came up with the interactive idea where the reader would decide Dannie’s actions, thus giving the reader the possibility of two separate outcomes. This we hope will show others that there are always other ways to deal with situations.

The idea behind the shopping trip, well I suppose it has many factors, for the children I wanted to show that we understand the difficulty they face in having to wait their turn, and that making decisions can be hard at times. We wanted to show that Dannie has the same ideas and thoughts as they do, hopefully making it clear that there are ways round the difficulties that they face on a daily basis.

For the parents we tried to show the childs prospective on how what we say can be taken in many different views, and hopefully show that sometimes what the child says is not meant to be argumentative or said to cause trouble.

The idea behind The Right Shoes, well this too has many factors, for the children I wanted to show that it is better to inform someone if the feel they are being judged and mistreated in any way, also that it is better to try and explain their thoughts on different subjects, in this case the way Dannie feels about buying new shoes.

For the parents we tried to show that even with the best intentions in the world, we try to gain peoples patience when it comes to dealing with a child who needs just a little extra time, sometimes what we say just makes the matter worse for the children and how some people will continue to treat our kids wrong.

The following review is from a loving parent Adrienne.

What a wonderful insight, to how a young girl perceives the world with Aspergers. How difficult it is to control her emotions with family and the Neuro typical world, without getting into trouble.

Dannie’s stories, provide, explain and clarify how she has to deal with everything from the time she wakes up in the morning,to getting through the day and dealing with people who just don’t understand her let alone get her.

Yes it can be frustrating for parents to have to keep reminding Asperger kids what they have to do, why they react in a certain way, but at the end of the day, Dannie’s Mum was always there for her, and had her best interest at heart.

I truly enjoyed reading these stories, so much so that I happened to be in a toy shop today with both my kiddies (Paul 7 autism, Rachel 5 hearing difficulties) and I applied the situation that given 3 choices to pick a toy they want to swap. I had to tailor it a little differently but the idea worked.

Karen thank you so much for letting me be one of the members to pre-read the book. Well done to Dannie for having the courage to do the stories, which exposed so much of herself, how she sees the world and how the world deals with her. To Dannie’s supports for providing a guidance to her.

The book made me laugh, teary and gave me another insight to my own son and how he thinks and the way he may view the world around him.

Good luck with these stories, and heres to may more that may arrive in the near future. Well Done to all involved and for a job well done.

I am a parent of an autistic child hoping to change the way people view our children. My child is now 15 years old and I have spent many years fighting just to get my child accepted. I am also an author and believe that books can help change peoples outlook on our kid

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