Getting User-Generated Content Through Consumer Reviews

If you want to realize one of your goals of getting as many customers to buy your product, one of the best ways to do so is to get serious with consumer-generated content. As surprising as it is, you need to deal with them as well. This is on top of the other important things you need to do on your part. It’s like creating an effective fan base that will say consumer review lots of consumer reviews about your products.

Set-up Easy-To-Publish Review Tools in Your Website

Making reviews is easy but making them available on your website and making people believe that publishing one is as easy as a single click will really matter. Because consumers place higher regard on consumer-generated feedback than the company’s own feedback on their products, it is best to set up an easy feedback system online. Set-up comment and star rating features below your products. Create dedicated forums that are easy for consumers to join. These areas allow web users to discuss anything that concerns your business. Act as the moderator and administrator so that the forum will have an organized structure. More importantly, give feedback as soon as you can as it can hurt your company reputation if you keep delaying answers to your costumer’s important inquiries.

Get User-Generated Contentfrom Your Best Customers

Ask your best customers to make a review for you. As part of your program incentives, you may give exclusive perks to them if they ever managed to publish one. For sure, you’ll get mostly positive reviews from these happy customers. To add, there will surely be at least one of them who is willing to do the job free of charge. With every user account, you can install a “request a review” button so that your customer will easily be notified once you requested for such. If you have a support and sales department in place, ask them to spearhead all measures related to promoting your products and your company brand as a whole. You can also start engaging your best customers in any of your ongoing case studies. Be it in the form of a video, slide presentation, blog post or PDF file, these formats can easily be shared and distributed online.

User-Generated Content through Social Media

Because of the popularity of social media, never underestimate the power of online chat and networking tools. Use your accounts to start social discussions with your followers and customers. Start by asking a single participant if he or she has something to share about your product and make him or her write consumer reviews. Online visitors, once they have observed an active exchange of ideas, will most likely stick to you to listen for more information. In the end, your brand is placed in a more positive light, which influences online consumers make buying decisions.

Learn the importance of user-generated content through Consumer Reviews, and how one can best influence his customers to make them. Know the some simple online techniques that help simplify the review m

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