Your Spiritual Capital

In the sections below, I want to share the mechanism and sequence by which spiritual capital assets can be transformed into other forms of capital for personal improvement, fulfillment, career and business success.

The Wealth Capital Matrix is my conception of how the average person can gain better recognition of personal strengths and intangible assets they have access to – assets which can be leveraged for social, intellectual and financial gain.

The Wealth Capital Matrix

The Wealth Capital Matrix is capitalforbusiness my conception of how the average human being can identify under-utilized leverage points that they were born with, or that they have access to. These leverage points or assets can be classified in the following categories:

Spiritual Capital

Intangible assets and attributes inextricably linked to the life-sequence of developing normally as “human”… in other words, God-given (and possibly man-nurtured) gifts. Such assets include – the feelings of love and the capacity to love, empathy, courage, vision, faith, resilience, etc.

Social Capital

Capital embedded within social networks that can be accessed for surplus (capital) value over and above the investment made into those networks and relationships. Social capital is hidden in personal relationships and networks, business relationships and networks, and socially-enabled platforms (of the sort public figures have).

Intellectual Capital

Intellectual capital consists of the skills, expertise, knowledge and more that can be invested in to create surplus value over and above any measure of what was invested (regardless of the metric).

Financial Capital

The direct translation of all the other forms of capital into a form that is most exchangeable in the marketplace of commodities and consumer items. Financial capital consists of money, other financial assets, and all their equivalents.

Converting Spiritual Capital Into Other Forms

Spiritual capital gains its external value from the interplay between people. Spiritual capital is first (and most directly) converted into social capital. When people observe your strengths and experience the benefits of them, they gravitate toward you for their own “personal” reasons. Spiritual assets translate very quickly into social currency.

Historical narrative is replete with examples of the “courageous unknown” who would be king; the person who changed the course of the day and got recognized (and then rewarded) for it. In times of increasing distress and uncertainty, most people naturally gravitate to the people who seem to be most certain. This is a direct translation of spiritual assets into social capital.

In modern times, the conversion of spiritual capital usually passes through a phase in the capture and dissemination of intellectual capital. The old narrative of displaying your spiritual capital and moving directly to a financial reward is generally only seen in smaller, less complex societal arrangements.

Our large and sophisticated societies require that you build a platform of recognition for that conversion to take place. There are just too many of us for it to be otherwise. For those who learn to translate their spiritual and social capital into a portfolio of packaged intellectual capital, they find that the recognition and reward are not too long in coming.

The famous authors, speakers, coaches, televangelists and gurus you see are examples of the conversion of spiritual assets into intellectual capital and eventual financial capture. As an individual, if you can identify and map out your own wealth capital matrix, you will have the opportunity to match that portfolio of personal wealth with a problem in the larger marketplace.

Matching your wealth matrix to identifiable problems, needs and opportunities in the marketplace is the key to accelerated personal productivity and improved self-confidence and contributes to higher levels of personal fulfillment. Every successful product, service or business is built on a foundation very similar to this idea.

Gogo Erekosima, The Small Business Digital Coach is the CEO and Lead strategist at Business Consulting Firm, Idea Age Consulting.

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