Qatar is Second in the Income Level Per Capita

The results of the annual survey on world economies were published in Switzerland. Thereat, the specialists have identified the country with the best working conditions. USA still heads the list. Singapore and Hong Kong have also entered the list of the most attractive states.

Regardless of favorable conditions for work in USA, the highest salary is yet paid in Luxembourg. The income per capita there constitutes more than $65.5 thousand a year. The tiny European state is followed by the similar one capitalforbusiness from Persian Gulf – this is Qatar with the population amount of 744 thousand people. Here the income per inhabitant constitutes $65 thousand. The Swiss own the level of about $50 thousand. Then come Norway, USA, Denmark, Japan, Sweden and Germany.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of Core Europe can make boast of the leisure time quantity. The shortest business week is in France – only 35 hours. Though, the French still think this is not enough. Recently, local scientists have sent up a report in the government, according to which about 10 million of their countrymen lack sleep, which leads to illnesses and depressions. There is only one way out – to legitimate the afternoon nap break! The authorities were touched so deeply that even have appropriated 6 million Euro for the further investigation of this question. It was decided to allow a short break, to begin with – about 15 minutes. If the results are considered to be successful, the French government will legitimize this practice throughout the country. By the way, they have one of the longest vacations. Though, the longest one is in Germany – six weeks, 30 working days. The over-forties have one more day for the vacation and the over-fifties – also one more. The vacation can be taken by parts – several times a year. What Germans like to do – is to fill up working periods between holidays with leave days. For instance, they only have to take four days of vacation between Christmas and New Year in order to rest for 12 days.

To compare, vacation in Japan constitutes only 18 days. It is even less in America – 12 days. By the way, USA is the only country, where the paid vacation period is not legislated. As talking about the Koreans: though they do not disdain eating our fellow animals, they concede the rest of the world in the work place arrangement. In South Korea they have the lowest unemployment rate on the planet – only 3.6%.

Holland and Denmark can make boast of the same indicators. Then goes Australia – among the inhabitants of the Green continent only 6% of people are not working. In the EU countries the unemployment rate is 16%. It is so high due to the unemployment in Poland, which is almost 30%.

By the way, UNO has recently published another rating of the countries by their human development index. Thereat, Iceland was considered to be the best country in the world to live in. Over a period of last six years this list has been headed by Norway, which is second this year.

The Norwegians are followed by Australia, Canada, Ireland and Sweden. The world economy leader – USA – is only the 12th. There are 70 states in this list in all.

88 more countries are in the second group, with so-called “medium level of development”. Here enter the developing countries, which are the most successful by the “third world” standards: Kazakhstan (73rd place), Ukraine (76th), Armenia (83rd).

According to UNO, the worst conditions are in African countries. Three of them – Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau are considered to be the most disadvantaged in terms of living conditions. People rarely live more than 50 years here, and only one third of them can read and write.

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