Sean Ordonez on Stand Up Paddle Boards

Sean Ordonez has been at the forefront of developing and testing paddle boards during the past two winters and has been seen pushing his limits in this new action sport. There is hardly anyone riding that gracefully on a stand-up paddleboard on the Northshore than Sean. The result are a totally new style of performance boards, “The Big Red” and “The Big Blue”. Build in light Epoxy Styro Vacuum Sandwich technology, those SUPs are a natural blend of a surf board, windsurfing board and a canoe. stand up paddleboard The “Big Red” is ideal for distance and downwind coastline racing or even lake exploring and when glassy conditions catch a small sea breeze, this SUP converts into a light wind windsurfer.

Sean Ordonez has launched his new brand SOS this spring. “My goal with SOS is to heighten my passion and affinity with waves and wind and I am grateful to have the opportunity to handcraft innovative board designs for many of the worlds best watermen and women”, says the 37-year old renowned shaper, surfer and waverider.

Sean Ordonez is widely regarded as one of the most innovative craftsmen of the Northshore and a genius mastermind in terms of using new custom-made technologies and doing Research & Development. But more than anything, Seans shapes are pure art, “just damn good & sexy boards” as the word of mouth is spreading from beach to beach and they are now available for everybody around the world.

SOS offers a full range of surf boards for professionals to beginners and also has some mindblowing prototypes in the program. Make sure to check out the “prototype” section on the website. An advanced line of tow-in surfing boards sums up the new product range.

A long awaited range of waveboards for windsurfers is also available now, boards used recently by the world’s best waveriders, such as Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard and Sean Ordonez himself, winning him a second place at the 2005 Aloha Classic.

Sean Ordonez: “The SOS line of boards is not just a production line, it is a limited edition custom production series. I have set up my own factory with a partner in China and will be travelling there at least once a month to supervise production and shipping.”

Sean Ordonez Shapes ships boards directly from factory to your home and is currently also seeking distributors in Europe.

About Sean Ordonez The Columbian-born US waverider & surfer has been in the shaping room since 1986. Back then he was an apprentice of world renowned surfboard shaper Ricky Carrol, working at his Natural Arts Surfboards in Florida. In 1990 Sean moved to Maui, Hawaii, and got hooked onto the booming windsurfing industry as a professional waverider and shaper. Working for “Sailboards Maui” the worlds best windsurfers were excelling on his boards. In 1993 Sean Ordonez was one of the founders of “Quatro”, which became a very successful custom-made and production board brand in windsurfing. He sold his shares and has moved on to new endeavours in tow-in surfing, surfing, kiteboarding, and has now brought all his knowledge and experience into launching his SOS brand in 2006.

has several articles on stand up paddling the latest craze that is hitting local beaches. ———-

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