Coffee Beans Categories – 20-30 Or Just 2?

There had been so many occasions when you would have gone for shopping and observed the 20-30 varieties of the coffee bean available. Mostly even though there are so many options available, it is difficult to make the choice for the best one. Since Coffee is also one such substance that lets the consumer be in as state of confusion.

Here, we can help you with the basic facts to figure out the solution to recognize the various forms of the coffee beans. Actually though you get to see so many varieties, the truth is that basically it is divided into two categories. travelguidebook There are further sub divided into various other categories due to the grading or the branding name. And if you are truly a passionate coffee consumer, you must have heard of the following names.

Two Categories

The first category is the coffee Arabia that constitutes around 70% of the world’s consumption and is considered as highly flavored than the other category. Due to its unique conditions of growth required, they are also somewhat high in price. The appropriate climatic condition for this kind of plant to survive is the height which should be approximately 1000 Meters and the average temperature of about 20 degree Celsius.

On the other hand, the second category which is known as the Coffee Canephora (Robusta) and constitutes of 30% of the coffee consumption community and has somewhat flexible with its growth pattern i.e. it can be grown at any ground with temperature of around 27 degree Celsius. The only disadvantage that they possess is the certain kind of bitterness. These kinds of beans are considered of much low quality than the other because though they are easily processes, they are more prone in losing their share of market due to its flavor.

Since the Arabia category of beans is expensive, they are mostly combined with the Robusta to make it affordable for the customers. This can also be proved as mostly the coffee products that are available in the market never carry the bean category name.

All the brands like the Blue Mountains and the Kona coffee are made of the Arabica beans, they just carry different brand names for various localities. For instance, due to the blue mountain area containing the cool and windy environment, the coffee beans of the Jamaican Blue Mountain are neither strong nor bitter in taste. Other kinds like the ones in Kenya would have matching typical taste.

So, lastly, you must have figured out that though there are so many brand names available, they all originate from the two basic coffee bean categories. These categories have different attributes which change according to the location they have grown in and the kind of climatic conditions that have been provided. The coffee beans have one thing in common known as the aroma that makes them the members of the family of Coffee. This aroma makes the existing coffee consumers enjoy their drink with full content.

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