Street Bikes and How To Safely and Intelligently Charge Their Batteries

When compared to car batteries, motorcycle ones are rather expensive. This is why street bike owners prefer buying chargers meant for motorcycles to safely and intelligently charge their motorcycle batteries, especially if they own a flooded (or non-AGM) battery.

An important point to remember about charging motorcycle batteries is that it is small, and has to be charged slowly. If it’s charged using a regular charger, and not one designed for use on street bike batteries, the charger may ruin it and it is also dangerous.

Here is what you have to do to safely charge your non-AGM street bike battery:


  1. First, you have to remove the battery from the motorcycle using the help of a small crescent wrench or pliers. If you find it difficult to reach your battery, don’t worry, this is common with street bikes. All you should do is consult your owner’s manual.
  2. Look out for wear and tear in the connecting cables. Before you move on to the next step of charging, wear goggles and gloves as the battery fluid is both highly acidic and toxic.
  3. Now, you have to remove the chamber caps, and fill it with distilled or de-ionized water. It’s not advisable to use tap water to top up the batteries as they have chemicals that can damage the battery.
  4. It’s always better to remove and keep the caps off while charging, to prevent build up of gases in the battery. You also have to ensure the vent tube is clear of blockages, so that it does not give reason for build-up of gases.
  5. Now, you are ready to charge your battery. It’s better to start charging with a cool battery, and the charger off. Connect the positive cable of the battery charger to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative cable, to the negative terminal. Then, plug the charger to a regular household electric socket and switch the charger on.
  6. How long you have to charge the battery depends on how depleted it is. If it is slightly weak, and needs only a top-up, an hour or two of charging is more than enough. However if it is practically dead, it’s better to charge it overnight or longer.
  7. Once the street bike battery is fully charged, you have to turn off and disconnect the battery from the charger. You will then have to replace all the caps of the fluid champers and reinstall the battery into the street bike. While installing the battery, make sure the caps and cables are securely fastened, so that they don’t end up falling off while you ride your bike.


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