Maximizing Your Corner Sink

When renovating the home, the common “front and center” type of sink is added to the plans for kitchens and bathrooms. Being practical and of modest cost they are most often the style of choice. However, there are other ways to add a more modern style to these rooms using a corner sink. There are several advantages to this choice.

Unique Style

A corner sink adds a different look to the kitchen. Still being within convenient distance from other appliances and surfaces, it gives a more fashionable and welcoming look to the room. Storage space under the counter surface still allows storage of cleaning supplies and access to the plumbing if repairs are ever needed. The design works well in allowing additional counter top work spaces as well.

In the bath area, a corner sink is more subtle, allowing the homeowner to showcase other features of the room, such as a claw-foot bath tub or stand-alone shower. Vanity counter space may be expanded, with added corner mirrors at attractive angles.
Storage space under the surrounding counter space allows plenty of storage for toiletries and other supplies with added drawers or cabinet shelving. The decorative aspect of using a corner sink in the plans is quite exciting, offering many possibilities in showing the homeowner’s personality and preferences.

Space Saving

Using a corner sink in the kitchen or bath allows use of corner space in the room that may otherwise be wasted space or difficult to access in conventional square cabinetry. Round turn-table styles of shelving add additional access to supplies and fit well in corner spaces. Other styles offer v-shaped shelving to optimize the corner space under the sink.

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