one child is found Covid-19 positive

Many people who died of other causes but tested positive for coronavirus become included in their statistics.

Spooked politicians also justify their actions by using the virus as a bogeyman. They now have found a way of controlling the population. The bureaucrats betrouwbare corona testen having vandalised the economy, are proudly pointing out how successful they have been in protecting you. They are already taking credit for starting to rebuild the economy. Yes, one can never win against bureaucracy. In the meantime, you are warned that if you do not follow their directions, the bogeyman will get you.

So let us look at this bogeyman. It is the Covid-19 virus infection. There is no known cure for any virus infection. Like the influenza virus, it kills people. All virus infections tend to spread, so one has to expect this virus to spread. All the measures we have taken only slow down the virus. They do not eliminate or kill the virus. Like any virus, this Covid-19 will affect people with a weak immune system. The elderly and people with co-morbidities are more affected than the young. When we return to some normality in socialising, this flattened curve of infection is sure to rise. Like the influenza virus, it will come and go.

Does it then mean that the country has to go into lockdown again when the curve of infection rises? If someone is found Covid-19 positive in a workplace, does it mean we have to close down the whole place? If one child is found Covid-19 positive in a classroom, do we close down the entire school? If someone who is feeling perfectly healthy and who has a Covid-19 App on his mobile receives a message that he was near a Covid-19 positive person. He is advised to get tested for the virus. What must he do? Are we not going to create anxiety in that person until he gets the test done? Is this not like asking a person to point a bone at oneself? Is this the way to go about improving the mental health of society? Is this the way to the future?

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