Hans Coler Device – Why The Nazis And British MI5 Intelligence Service Were So Interested

What is the Hans Coler device? It was the brainchild of experimenter, Hans Coler, who first showed his work as early as 1925. What could be seen was a device that looked to be producing electricity but without any obvious fuel source. It was of immediate and obvious interest to the Nazis but also the British MI5 Intelligence Service – sources say that MI5 had a working model that ran continuously for three years at headquarters. In this article, I’ll tell you more about the device and how you can get access to the simple, modern equivalent to produce 7 kilowatts of power and run your own home.

What Did Hans Coler Do?

Hans Coler was an experimenter, a pioneer in zero point/magnetic motor technology. He dedicated most of his life to perfecting it.

He showed off his first demonstration model in 1925 and later a higher powered version. His work came to the attention of the German Navy who wanted to use his invention to prevent the need for their submarines to surface in order to recharge their batteries. He even worked on this with an employee of the company that is today known as Siemens.

The two main devices that he created were the Magnetstromapparat and the Stromerzeuger. Neither machine is identical but both work on the same principle of using the intrinsic power of magnets. In particular, Coler devised some unique methods of using coils and condensors as the basis for his motors.

There is much evidence for Coler’s work. Quite apart from his complex hand drawn diagrams, a report by the British intelligence services on these devices was written at the time and accidentally made public several years ago. It shows that the intelligence services believed Cole’s device to be credible and they were keen to take him up on the offer of having a custom device made for them. Various sources claim to have seen this device operating at MI5 headquarters for at least three years continuously.

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