Find ACT Scores

Despite the SAT’s popularity, the ACT remains the standardized admissions exam of choice for twenty four states. Offered six times a year the ACT examination tests college hopefuls on their skills in math, English, reading, and science reasoning. There is also an optional writing portion of the exam that many colleges will consider alongside the other segments.

Completed exams are scored in several ways, resulting in the composite and test scores. These range from 1 (low) to 36 (high), and are commonly referred to as ‘the’ ACT score. There are also scores provided for each section, which are called the subscores.

Knowing your ACT score is important for a number of reasons. The obvious purpose is the use of the score in college admissions requirements. However many other organizations will consider ACT information as well. For example MENSA will consider ACT scores taken before 1984 as part of their admissions process. Some employers also approve of high ACT scores.

You have a number of ways to find your ACT scores. Regardless of method, ACT, inc charges $17 for score validation.

The first method is through At this site you will be required to create a student web account to gain access to your records. This account does require some sensitive information such as your social security number.

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