Of The Best Free Entertainment Ideas That People Would Gladly Pay For

With the economy forcing people to tighten their wallets, there is a need to keep people entertained without breaking their bank.  I’ll quickly reveal 3 of the best free entertainment ideas that people would gladly pay for.

1. Computer Lovers:

If you’ve gotten a hold of some cool software program you know that learning all of its cool features can be fun…and time consuming.  It’s a perfect way to pass time and entertain yourself for days on end.  Well, a website has partnered up with developers and showcases one licensed software everyday ( available for a 24 hour period) for its visitors.  It can be downloaded for FREE.  Site will be revealed at the end of this article.

2. Movie Lovers:

Assuming you are viewing this on YOUR computer, you never have to pay for a movie ticket again (legally).  Get your popcorn ready because all you have to do is go to a site, find a movie, and watch it on your computer for FREE.  Advertisements make this possible.  You’ll have a few commercial interruptions, but that’s when you refill your popcorn and take a bathroom break.  This site is primarily for U.S. viewers.  See end of article for website.

3. Outdoor Lovers:

If you’re a golfer, you know that to play on a course you have to pay what is known as a green fee.  This can run anywhere in the teens to over a hundred dollars, not to mention the cost of equipment.

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