Application of Fibre Optic Communication

Despite the high capital cost of fibre optics communication, virtually every medium and large communication project now employs this technology. Quite simply, the exceptional features offered by this technology outweigh any initial cost and expertise. On the top of the list is the mega data transfer rate that can be achieved and the high security and immunity to external factors and manipulations.

Perhaps the most prominent application of fibre optics is Gigabit Ethernet. Internet migration from obsolete copper cables to fibre optic cables means extremely high bandwidth, reliability, and speed. This ensures HD video streaming, interrupt-free video communication, lag-free multiplayer online gaming, high speed downloads and much more. Data rate in single mode cables can go up to 10 Gbps. Higher bandwidth and multiple modes also allow the single fibre optic channel or cable to carry signals for internet, landline telephone, HD TV, and more extra features.

It is not only used for communication networks on large scale but many big firms and companies also employ this method of communication within their industrial plants and also for the networks in their large offices. This is because communication through these cables is not only faster but also very secure. This feature expedites the transmission of highly confidential and sensitive information over channels. Moreover, large offices employ hundreds of personnel and there is large amount of data transmission and receiving throughout the working time. Fibre optics present high bandwidth and extremely high speeds to ensure effective communication at all times. Also for industrial plants, the immunity of the cables to electromagnetic interference and adverse environmental conditions make it a better decision.


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