How to Screen Print Your Own Bed Linen

Screen printing is a terrific, flexible craft to do at home. If you have a dark room for developing the print and a good workspace that you don’t mind getting a little messy, you can easily learn to screen print and create beautiful decorated fabric for use throughout your home.

Screen printing your own bed linen helps you create a bedroom that reflects exactly your personal tastes, and results in an impressive and artistic finished product that you can be proud to use for years.

Selecting your image

Designing a silk screen for your bed linen is the most exciting and creative part! Silk screens are reusable, so you can create a single screen for all the bed linen, or you can screen printing supplies create separate screens and put different designs on the pillows, and the duvet cover. You can even screen small designs onto the edges of your bedsheets.

If you’ve never silk screened before, try a small project before working on your prominent bed linen like your duvet. Consider starting with a small screen for use on a bedsheet or pillow. A border or a simple design gives you a chance to practice the technique on bed linen that won’t be front-and-center in your bedroom. Get a set of bed linen just for practice, before beginning to screen anything that you’ll want to use permanently.

Try a simple design without a lot of intricate edges for your first screen. Unless you’re very skilled with cutting paper, print your design out on some scratch paper and practice cutting it out before creating the final cut-out that you’ll use in the silk screen.

Please remember – it’s critical to the success of your screen that no light be able to get through your cut-out. Hold it up to the light and see if light comes through it. If it does, either get a different paper, double up the image, or use a black marker to darken it.

Screen Prints in the Bedroom – and Everywhere!

Once you get your workspace set up and get the hang of the technique, you’ll be screen-printing all sorts of things. You can customize all your bed linen with your favorite designs. Screen personalized markings onto children’s bed linen for camp or school, instead of writing their names on them in permanent marker. In addition to bed linen, you can screen print decorative items for all over your house – from throw pillows to placemats. Don’t forget the old standard – screening designs on clothes. The possibilities are endless!

The next section spells out the equipment and supplies you’ll need to set up a screen printing studio. Search the Internet for detailed directions and read extensively before starting; although screen printing is an easy craft, it takes care and precision, and a solid understanding of the technique – and the common ways things can go wrong – will make your experience much better! Good luck!

Setting Up for Screen Printing

You’ll need the following supplies and equipment to screen print. All supplies are available at art stores.

• Completely opaque paper for your design cut-out
• A wooden frame (either bought or handmade) covered with 110 mesh Polyester fabric
• Duct tape or special silk screen tape (to seal the edges so paint doesn’t drip through)
• Photo Emulsion
• A squeegee
• A darkroom
• A worktable
• A photography light with a 150 watt bulb (search the Internet for DIY versions)
• A matte black surface for exposure (chalkboard or black cardboard work fine)
• A clean piece of glass the same size as your screen
• A kitchen timer
• A water source with high pressure (shower head or garden hose)
• Silk screen paint

Search the Internet for detailed instructions and many photographs that can make you an expert in no time!

Screen printing can be a great way to spruce up your home. This article details how to screen print your bed linen. For more information visit:



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