UI & UX What’s the Difference

UI, UX, they are similar yet they are different, think of them as fraternal twins. Think of UX as the doctor of the body, maintaining the overall health of the body while UI brings on the sexy and keeps the body looking fine. Clear as mud, right? To further complicate matters, depending on whom you ask, UX and UI are either wholly separate, or they overlap, or UI is a subset of UX. Let’s untangle the madness and take a closer look at the differences between the two.

UX stands for user experience. The UX designer will build a relationship between the company, its products and their customers. They will concentrate on the Why, What & How of the product use. For example, people may visit your site to research what is the best kind of cat that will make a great companion for their small apartment lifestyle. In this scenario, the UX designer might research people that are cat lovers and figure out what is important to them. They will find out what is of value to the cat lover when looking for assistance to finding their next furry feline. The UX designer will ask questions, observe people, make prototypes and do some testing to validate their business and product value propositions. The UX designer will likely design the user flows, the steps that a user would take to move through the web site. The design is then passed off to the UI designer.

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