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Epiphany is a GNOME-based web browser targeted at non-technical users. Its goal is to be simple and easy to use. The browser was released in 2000 and utilizes the Gecko rendering engine. As required by the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, this program maintains a simple graphical interface with minimum features. Its functionality can be extended with third-party extensions.

The browser was designed to focus on the current page content and provide inter page navigation. Epiphany is ideal for anyone who is looking for a fast, light, and extensive browser. This application uses fewer resources than Firefox at the cost of configuration and features. It displays web pages with the same accuracy and speed as other browsers. Additionally, it boasts an elegant and easy to use interface that fits in perfectly with GNOME. bestes cookie plugin wordpress Bookmarks are easily accessible through the address bar.

This innovative web browser follows the GNOME guidelines about usability. There is no need to handle themes or icons. If you want to download a file, you simply have to click on it. A small manager will appear and allow you track your download. Just like Firefox, Epiphany has tabbed browsing. This program very much subscribes to the “less is more” concept of desktop software. Its main features include:

• Support for HTML4, XHTML, CSS 1, CSS 2, and HTML5
• Flash support
• JavaScript support
• Web inspector
• Easy to use interface
• Categorized bookmarks
• Web extensions
• Ad blocker
• News feed subscription
• Auto reload tab
• Mouse gestures
• Tab states
• Page zooming
• Access keys
• Password management
• Caret navigation
• Search engine toolbar

Epiphany features a personal data window that store cookies and passwords, as well as a full screen mode, bookmarks, and extensions. This Internet browser comes with a big number of default plugins, including the Page Info plugin, the Greasemonkey plugin, and the Ad Blocker plugin. Users can set the font size, homepage, and language options through the Preferences window.

This stable, lightweight application offers better integration into the GNOME environment than any other browser. It provides users with all the features they would expect from a modern browser in order to fully enjoy their online experience. With Epiphany, you can subscribe to your favorite news feed, perform actions with mouse gestures, and reload specific tabs periodically. You can use the Tab key to navigate between tabs. If you want to block ads when surfing the Web, you just have to enable the ad blocker without any further configuration.

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